October 14 – October 18

Monday, October 14

 6th: GMM; Narrative Writing Assignment: Peer Editing (remember paper copy today)
 7th: GMM; Read The Outsiders “Chapter 12″ ; *reminder CR due tomorrow
 AVID: Practice Class TRF
Tuesday, October 15
 6th: Begin Narrative Writing Assignment: Final Draft Due tonight
 7th: The Outsiders Book Test: Begin Narrative Essay: Introduction (pink)
 AVID: Continue Class TRF
Wednesday, October 16
 6th:  Begin Notes for Information Writing
 7th:  Continue Narrative Essay: Pre-writing (orange)
 AVID: Class TRF reflections
Thursday, October 17
 6th: Read/Annotate “Red Scarf Girl”
 7th:  Continue Narrative Essay: Organization (yellow)
 AVID: Skills Lesson
Friday, October 18
 6th: ”Red Scarf Girl” comp. questions and summary
 7th:  Continue Narrative Essay: supporting details (golden rod); outlining (green); Blue (exposition); Purple (conclusion)
 AVID: Binder checks and learning logs