October 28 – November 1

Monday, October 28
6th: GMM; Illuminate assessment

 7th: GMM; Illuminate assessment
 AVID: Trip tomorrow–Let’s Get Ready
Tuesday, October 29
 6th: Read and Annotate “Children of the Dustbowl”; Do vocabulary worksheet
 7th: Read and Annotate “King of Mazy May”
 AVID: College and Farm Visit
Wednesday, October 30
 6th: Write an academic summary for “Children of the Dustbowl”
 7th:  Write an academic summary for “King of Mazy May” and TEA Statement for #1
 AVID: CSUC Reach Students on Campus
Thursday, October 31
 6th: Write TEA statements for Think Questions #2 “Children of the Dustbowl”
 7th:  Review assignments
 AVID: Recap Trip–reflection sheet
Friday, November 1
 6th: ”Children of the Dust Bowl” comp. questions
 7th:  “King of Mazy May” Comp. questions
 AVID: Team Building