October 7 – October 11

Monday, October 7

 6th: GMM; Narrative Writing Assignment: Climax/Conclusion (blue)
 7th: GMM; Read The Outsiders “Chapter 6″ ; academic summary
 AVID: Time Management Questionnaire; Time Management Reflection
Tuesday, October 8
 6th: Begin Narrative Writing Assignment: Review Process (Purple)
 7th: Read The Outsiders Chapter “7″ ; TEA Statement
 AVID: Video note taking–Time Management
Wednesday, October 9
 6th: Narrative Writing Assignment: Begin Typing
 7th:  Read The Outsiders Chapter “8″
 AVID: Begin Tutorials: Note taking 10 Step Process
Thursday, October 10
 6th:Narrative Writing Assignment: Continue Typing
 7th:  Read The Outsiders Chapter “9″ TEA Statement
 AVID: TRF Set-Ups
Friday, October 11
 6th: Narrative Writing Assignment:Finish Typing Rough Draft
 7th:  Read The Outsiders Chapter “10″
 AVID: Continue TRFs