“The goal of education in America must be for the purpose of teaching all of our students to the very highest levels—for lifting up all people.”  —Mary Catherine Swanson, AVID Founder

About AVID

AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. It’s a college readiness system that prepares students for college eligibility and success. AVID is for all students but targets those in the academic middle and who are usually under-served.  AVID is not a remedial, niche or college outreach program. It is not a free ride, nor is it a study hall. Students must learn and apply the skills they are taught in their AVID elective class, as well as, do the academically rigorous work required.

In a nutshell, AVID closes the opportunity gap in college graduation rates among diverse and underrepresented demographic groups.  Students will learn the strategies and best practices for them, so they can take over control of their own learning. AVID students will gain tools to augment learning of any subject.

AVID at a Glance

The Mission of AVID
What AVID Is
What AVID Is Not
Identifying AVID Students
Responsibilities an AVID Student
Why AVID Works

The AVID Curriculum