Class Contract

“The Contract”

Please read the following carefully.  If you do not fully understand one of the following statements, I will be happy to explain it in further detail.  Once you have read and understood every word of the contract please sign it and date it where specified. Please note that a copy of this contract can be found on my website

The class rules:

  1. Students will be inside the classroom and in their own seat when the tardy bell rings.

  2. Students will bring all assigned materials to class.  These materials will include but are not limited to paper, pen, pencil, binder containing English assignments, and appropriate text(s).

  3. Students will use NO profanity in class.

  4. Students will not put down another student or the beloved instructor in class.

  5. Students will treat substitute teachers with respect and courtesy.

The assignment, homework, absence, and test policy includes:

  1. You will need a binder and/or folder in this class in which all assignments, tests, and handouts will be kept.

  2. Homework assignments will be due in the beginning of class.  There are NO exceptions; please have your assignment(s) in hand as you enter class.  You may turn it in late, but it will result in partial credit.

  3. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see the instructor before school the day you return to discuss the assignments. You may also email me the day you are absent.

  4. All final drafts of take home assignments will need to be turned in either typed or written legibly in blue or black ink.  No pencil or colored pen copies will be accepted.

  5. There are extra credit opportunities, but they are often difficult and painful.  Extra credit will be announced as the class progresses and like assignments will be due in the beginning of class.  There will be no extra credit offered the week of progress reports or two weeks prior to quarter and semester grades.

  6. Cheating will result in failure for the assignment, detention, and a parent/teacher conference.




I _________________________ have read and understood every work of this document.  I am aware that my signature indicates to the instructor, and to anyone else who may inquire, that I know what is expected of me in class.

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