December 7 – 11

6th Grade: GMM;  Read & Annotate “Warriors Don’t Cry”; Write an IVF Statement
7th Grade: GMM; Read & Annotate “The Teacher Who Changed My Life”; Write an academic summary

6th Grade: PENS, Review IVF Statements as a class; Write Summary for Warriors Don’t Cry
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Review TEA Statement for #1; Write TEA Statements for Think Questions #3

6th Grade: Academic Vocabulary; Write a TEA Statement for Think Question #1
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Begin Constructed Response for # 4

6th Grade: Roots; Take Book Test Today; Write a TEA Statement for Think Question #2
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Take Book Test Today; Finish and Review Writing

6th Grade: Bell Work; Take the quiz in StudySync
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; My Story