November 30 – December 4

6th Grade: GMM;  Read & Annotate “I Never Had It Made”; Write an author’s purpose
7th Grade: GMM; Read & Annotate “The Other Side of the Sky”; Write an academic summary

6th Grade: PENS, Watch “Rachel Robinson \”Meeting with Branch Ricky\”; Take notes
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Write TEA Statements for Think Questions #1 & #2

6th Grade: Academic Vocabulary; World Café Questions (Group Project)
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Write a Constructed Response for Focus Question #1

6th Grade: Roots; Write a comparison/contrast from the writing prompt (found in Google Classroom)
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Take the quiz in StudySync

6th Grade: Bell Work; Writing Review in Class
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Take the quiz in StudySync