November 4 – 8

onday, November 4
6th: GMM;Read and Annotate “I Never Had It Made” Use Student Copy Central Idea Anchor Chart” handout as a guide

 7th: GMM; Read and Annotate “Barrio Boy” ;  Write TEA Statement #1 – on a sticky note
 AVID: TRF-Review
Tuesday,  November 5
 6th: Watch “Meeting with Branch Rickey” – take notes
 7th: “Barrio Boy”  TEA Statement # 1 –Four Square
 AVID: Group: Practice Tutorials
Wednesday,  November 6
 6th: World Cafe Questions
 7th:  Write an academic summary for “Barrio Boy”
 AVID: Group: Continue tutorials–start a reflection
Thursday,  November 7
 6th: Finish an for “I Never Had It Made”
 7th: “Barrio Boy” Constructed Response on Focus Question #1
Friday, November 8
 6th:  Comprehension Questions in StudySync “I Never Had It Made”  Introduce Mood and Tone
 7th:  “Barrio Boy” Comp. questions and assignment review