October 26 – 30

6th Grade: Grade Management Monday; Narrative Essay: Plot Map
7th Grade: Grade Management Monday; Bell Beginner; Read The Outsiders “Chapter 10″

6th Grade: PENS, Narrative Essay: Character Chart
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Read The Outsiders “Chapters 11 & 12″; Take reading test

6th Grade: Academic Vocabulary; Narrative Essay: Setting, Climax. Resolution/Falling Action
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Narrative Essay: Plot Map and Character Chart

6th Grade: Roots; Narrative Essay: Rising Actions 1-3
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Narrative Essay: Write Setting, Inciting Incident, Rising Actions 1&2
Reading Tests for Free Reading Book Due Today

6th Grade: Bell Work; Narrative Essay Rising Actions 4-6
7th Grade: Bell Beginners; Narrative Essay: Rising Actions 3-6